Sandy Hodgson

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Artist Statement

"Through the layering of encaustic and oil, my landscape paintings are intended to give the viewer the feeling of a place remembered; a recognition of a place once seen or visited. The concept of layering applies not only to the paint, but to the generational layering that is inseparable from the southern landscape. My creativity is inspired by the red clay and cotton fields of Monroe County, Alabama where I spent my childhood. It is within the continuum of spirit to land and the unbroken connection of a people to a place that my paintings are rendered.

The concept of layering also applies to my abstract paintings. I try to illuminate the physicality of the medium by the layering of colors. Most of my abstracts begin life as landscapes and I push and pull with shapes and colors until the form is completely abstracted."


This is a small collection of Sandy Hodgson's art. There are many pieces available of this artist's work in our showroom.  


           Blue 36x36, Wax on Canvas                                       Cruciform 40x40, Oil on Canvas               




Wetlands 30x40, Oil on Canvas                                              Blue Beach 48x60, Oil on Canvas



Sunrise 10x10 Oil on Panel                                                  Delta Marsh 40x40, Oil on Canvas



   Delta Sunset 24x24, Oil on Canvas                                 The Tensaw Delta 30x30, Oil on Canvas