Our Story

Jeanna was blessed with two boys; she loved every minute of raising them to be true guys’ guys - afternoons spent at the baseball field, weekends fishing out in deep water, whole seasons at the hunting camp. When her boys became men, she was delighted to finally have “her girls” - two lucky daughters-in-law. At last she had young women in the family with whom to share her love of all things fine and feminine. 

We are those two lucky girls. We married brothers.  We also happen to have a lot in common with each other and with “Ms. Jeanna.” The three of us enjoy being together, and, together, the three of us have created Chapel Farm Collection.  

Jeanna has already given us an education on the finer things in life - how to furnish a new home, what makes a gracious hostess, where to find great antiques, the best way to get age spots out of vintage tablecloths. More than that, we have made memories. Together we have had the opportunity to travel to Europe, discover treasures in Texas, and meet artisans in Alabama. On these trips we have feathered our nests and have collected vintage linens, period-piece furniture, art, and leather-goods.

Holding to tradition, the three of us love being with the men in our lives. Whether traveling, at home, or spending time at the family’s farm, our husbands keep us grounded in what is handsome and rugged and practical. They remind us that life is best enjoyed with a good meal on the table, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and a dog at our side.

We want to share the things we love with you, and we want to showcase our treasures in one of the places we love the most, Chapel Farm. It is a place we take joy in sharing with our family, friends, and community, and we think you will cherish the pieces you find there. It is our Chapel Farm Collection.