Earth Day!

We are taking steps to Restore Our Earth, and they are easy as can be! 

1. Plastic Wrap Alternative: Reusable Food Wraps made with natural, eco-friendly, and organic ingredients. Environmentally-conscious, one Z Wrap can be washed and reused upwards of 100 times, over 6-12 months. That means 1 wrap can prevent 1000 pieces of plastic from ending up in the trash, keeping them out of landfills and our oceans.

2. Paper Towel and Paper Napkin Alternative: Reusable linens! Inside the box of napkins is a unique code and instructions for you to register your linens. Wash and use them for as long as you like. Then when they start to look worn; go online and request a swap out. They will send you new linens and a stamped envelope to send the old ones back to them. You pay the shipping back to them but they send you all new linens.  Save trees!

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