• Goods for Giving and Gracious Living
  • Jordan Pilot

Goods for Giving and Gracious Living

There are parts of starting a new business that are inspired and fun.  We have had a reason to dream, brainstorm and collaborate with extremely talented people.  We have had the opportunity to travel and shop as we looked for treasures for Chapel Farm Collection.  Of course, there are also aspects of starting a new business that are boring and dreadful.  Inventory, anyone?  We keep reminding ourselves that if it were all easy and exciting than everyone would be doing it, and we always try to balance a lot of work with at least a little play.  (After several long, tedious days of inventory a few weeks ago the three of us took a trip to the spa for pedicures to celebrate all of our hard work!)

One of our tasks along the way was creating our tagline.  We needed a statement that would convey our identity in a few catchy words. We had numerous conversations and sent countless emails on the topic.  We asked our husbands for inspiration.  We questioned friends for ideas.  Who are we?  What sets us apart?  

We kept returning to the word Southern, which we undoubtedly are.  We value faith, family, and tradition.  We enjoy good food and genuine hospitality.  We love to be outdoors and we love football.  We believe in manners and grace.

And there it was - grace, graceful, gracious.  We thought of Genesis 33:11, "...for God has been gracious to me and I have all I need."  We considered other meanings of the word.  We contemplated what it means to have a gracious lifestyle and decided that it is one that incorporates kindness and courtesy as well as charm and good taste.  We want the treasures we offer to enhance that lifestyle - whether you give a special gift to a friend or add a beloved piece to your own collection.  We are here to bring you goods for giving and gracious living.  

It has taken us longer than we ever imagined to launch our website, but we have not wavered from our goal.  Chapel Farm Collection is passionate about what we set out to accomplish - sharing a slice of cultivated life with goods for giving and gracious living.  


Here's to living graciously,


  • Jordan Pilot