Grands Plantation

My husband, Jerod, is on staff with Young Life, an international outreach ministry devoted to sharing the Gospel with lost adolescents.  In Tuscaloosa, where we live, Young Life is reaching kids in the middle schools, high schools, and college.  Every fall since we have been here, we have had the privilege of taking Tuscaloosa’s volunteer leaders to the family’s property in West Alabama for a weekend of preparation and fellowship before the start of a new academic year.  We are always so amazed by the entire family’s willingness to open their homes to an ever-increasing number of people.  There is nothing like getting to share one of our favorite places on Earth, Grands Plantation, with the volunteers who serve this ministry so well.  

Grands Plantation has also welcomed hundreds of visitors over the years for Outback University, a weekend designed for introducing college students to the fundamentals of living a Christ-driven life.  As a student at the University of Alabama, Brandon developed a heart for this ministry and encouraged his family to become involved, in part by hosting the event.  The fruit seen at Outback University over the years has been abundant.  During her time on staff with Cru, Brooke brought staff and volunteers for overnight retreats as well.  

The original dream for Grands Plantation was that it would be a place where family would gather and grandchildren would spend time together enjoying the great outdoors.  It has certainly become that and so much more.  Through their graciousness and hospitality, the family has allowed others to enjoy the blessing of a beautiful spot for quiet and rest.


Here’s to hospitality,



  • Jordan Pilot